Melanie Paris

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Marketing Training

We offer marketing mentoring for small to medium size businesses, working closely with clients assessing their needs and current skill base and then design a marketing strategy that is realistic and achievable by the client and offers varying degrees of support along the way. 

Here are some comments from clients who have taken part in mentoring programmes:

'I found the mentoring invaluable. It helped me to focus on my plan of action and plan for the future instead of just waiting for things to happen!" Wendy Chan
'I have found working with Melanie a very positive experience. She has advised on some of the basic things, which I think are sometimes a mystery to 'creatives' -  such as how to label images for media use - as well as directing an objective eye over current projects and promotional material, in turn offering constructive criticism. I came away feeling that the things that I wanted to do were becoming more possible and it gave me the confidence to take some bold steps forward'. Linda Ingham
'The mentoring programme has provided a platform to discuss ideas and add focus to future directions. It has supported me to believe that there is a future for some of my directions and Melanie's input has provided an excellent sounding board for ideas. The mentoring has helped me feel very positive about the future of my practice and increased my confidence and self belief.' Gill Hobson
'The marketing mentoring with Melanie has helped me develop a much clearer marketing strategy. I have been able to prioritise jobs and feel motivated by the on-going dialogue and support offered.' Ellie Collins