Melanie Paris

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Marketing Workshops

How to Market Yourself as a Musician - Now Available

Basic marketing workshops are tailor-made to the needs of the client. They can take the form of bite size hour sessions, half-day or one-day workshops and can include visits from guest speakers who are experts in their field - ie graphic designers, printers and web designers, journalists, digital media experts and photographers depending on the requirements of the clients.

Workshop areas covered include: How to Market Yourself as a Musician; Beginners Guide to Facebook and Twitter; How to Write a Press Release and Work with the Media and How to Organise an Event.

These courses are particularly beneficial for organisations who work with young people on internships, volunteers and admin staff who are involved in carrying out marketing tasks and who have little or no experience in this field.

All marketing workshop notes are available to download from the website after the workshop has taken place. If your organisation is interested in booking marketing workshops please email to discuss your needs.

Read comments below from people who have taken part in marketing workshops:

'Its really useful to have training with someone who has the experience of the industry, really useful points that I would never had thought about. ' How to Write a Press Release Workshop - Shelley Firth, DEP Arts Ltd

'Thank you for your awesome and brilliant session. I was so excited after your session and called my parents in China to share my new thoughts.' 

'I found the session to be very down-to-earth but also very creative and inspiring. It is certainly one of the most useful sessions I have been part of and I intend to use as many marketing devices as I can.'
Elizabeth Maynard, visual artist